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~ # FinalFantasy-Eternal ~

~All Final Fantasy fans are welcome here, if you played all the games or just a fan of few you are more than welcomed to join.

~This is a friendly place where fans can share original artwork, writings, cosplays, etc.

~Have any questions be sure to communicate with our lovely staff, our goal is to make this a great community for Final Fantasy Fandom.

:damphyr: We Thank You For Your Visit, Kupo :wing: by ebonred

Group Info

All Final Fantasy fans are welcome here, if you played all the games or just a fan of few, you are more than welcomed to join.
Founded 6 Years ago
Dec 29, 2011


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Fan Club

423 Members
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" ♫ I wanna ride my cho-co-bo all day! ♫ "

~Final Fantasy XV~

~:damphyr: Our Wonderful Staff :wing: by ebonred~

~We Are Here To Answer Questions and Feedback ~







Gallery Folders

Skeletal Moogle by WolfJayden
Post Moogle ARR Sketch by Jiubeck
Moguri plush version by Momoiro-Botan
Final Fantasy Moogle Messenger Plush by shibblesgiggles01
The Spirit of a Hero by nybigblue44
Dream Seeker by nybigblue44
Eternal Memory by nybigblue44
Balthier by J-e-J-e
Lightning FFXIII Cosplay by FinalFantasyCosplays
Agnes Oblige Black Mage Colored Fanart by BigBoss738
Agnes Oblige Black Mage Monochrome Fanart by BigBoss738
Vanille FF-XIII by Haylau
Heroes III
Welcome to the fabulous Gold Saucer! by Azurelly
Final Fantasy XV Mini Galore by Azurelly
PROMPTO by Chandler666Bing
Serah Farron by azuregundam
in a game corner-Gold Saucer by hatori0322
LunaFreya Fleuret by FinalFantasyCosplays
LunaFreya by FinalFantasyCosplays
Cold night(reno) by hatori0322
Final Fantasy VII Fan Art: One-Winged Angel by Hallowie29
Ardyn Izunia ffxv by RerinKin
Final Fantasy 7: Sephiroth by ZAKUGA
When a void warlock sprouts by Azurelly
Miscellaneous Groupings
Noctis and Lunafreya Caelum by FinalFantasyCosplays
FFXV - Hatching by Ry-Spirit
SOLDIER - Life - Flats by LightningBase
Final Fantasy 7 group by kitakashikikacosplay
Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Fusion Sword by SSJ3MJ
Aerith Staff by AiridAndKaitoCosplay
Buster Sword by SirNerdly
Fusion Sword - cosplay by AurelGweillys
Traveling Creatures
FFXIV Chocobo (pre-orders open!) by MagnaStorm
Skeletal Chocobo by WolfJayden
Doodle - Chocobo by LS94fanofmanga
Chocobo Plush Keyring  by DynamicFlamez
Final Fantasy VIII ragnarok - Acrylic paint fanart by Anna-K-AREN
Observatory Mountain by shizonek
Fiends + Monsters
BONUS: No. XXIII - The Happy Squirrel by Azurelly
Secondary Races + Friendly Creatures
A random viera in the forest by Fatyma-chan
Shiva Lineart by Kiarastenkoski
Ships x Ships
sleep(before) by hatori0322
Lionheart by FanaticPassion
Titles + Logos + Quotes
GLA Icon - FFxiv Fan Art by LarryBrunder
Epic Battle
Soldiers Legacy web by Dzoan
FF Online Games
Male Tsubari - Au Ra Samurai by Tsu-bari
12 Days of Christmas
Eleven Tonberry Knives by dreamweaver5560
Valentine Card Ultros by Azurelly
Lightning Returns DA Contest Entries
Goddess of Death - Bhunivelze Possession Armor by ilPas
Deities + Mythology
Without Purpose by Whitestar1802


:damphyr: READ OUR FAQ! :wing: by ebonred
:damphyr: LIST OF GALLERY FOLDERS! :wing: by ebonred
:damphyr: WHO COUNTS AS HERO/VILLAIN/SUPPORT (I-VI)? :wing: by ebonred
:damphyr: WHO COUNTS AS HERO/VILLAIN/SUPPORT (VII-IX)? :wing: by ebonred
:damphyr: WHO COUNTS AS HERO/VILLAIN/SUPPORT (X-XV)? :wing: by ebonred

For the month of August, everything's come up YELLOW! We're featuring a wide variety of Chocobo themes! KWEH KWEH! Also, an apology for not updating in July. Things were kind of hectic, and my sister dreamweaver just moved, so the update just got away from me.

ALSO - we encourage you to suggest your favorite songs to us! The tracks we have featured in the past are listed below, but if you'd like us to feature one of those tracks again, please let us know! When you suggest a song,  we always appreciate a little reason why it's your favorite, but it's not required. I'd like to get a list made for upcoming months:


tick by DiegoVainillaJANUARY - "Invidia" (XV)
tick by DiegoVainillaFEBRUARY - "Streets of Rabanastre" (XII) - Azurelly
x by DiegoVainillaMARCH - [no update, sorry!]
tick by DiegoVainillaAPRIL - "Saber's Edge" (XIII) - AiroRokkuhauto
tick by DiegoVainillaMAY - "Theme of Love" (IV) - Azurelly
tick by DiegoVainillaJUNE - "Wanderlust" (XV)
x by DiegoVainillaJULY - [no update, sorry!]
AUGUST - "Chocobo Theme Medley"
SEPTEMBER - (open)
OCTOBER - (open)
NOVEMBER - (open)
DECEMBER - (open)

**Thank you Azurelly for suggesting that we feature the theme for our favorite feathery friends! KWEH!**

(¯`·-..· Chocobo Theme Medley ·..-·´¯)

I couldn't choose just one, so I chose them all! Or at least most of them. This is a collection of the chocobo themes that play by default when you ride them. The themesong wasn't introduced until Final Fantasy II, when the creatures made their first appearance in the series. From that point on, they have remained an iconic and key staple in the series. They are typically one of the first modes of transportation the player receives during gameplay.

Which chocobo theme is your favorite, and which chocobo design is your favorite? I'm partial to FFX's theme, Brass de Chocobo, but my favorite design so far has been FFXV's chocobos!


:bulletyellow: Nintendo announced that Final Fantasy VI (titled as "Final Fantasy III", which was the original American release title) will be available on the SNES Classic Edition that is going on sale in September.

Source [x]

:bulletyellow: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (the HD remaster of the original FFXII) was released on July 11, 2017 for Playstation 4 in Europe and America, and on July 13, 2017 in Japan. There is the option to speed up gameplay.
Additionally, it was announced that the "forbidden" treasure rule was removed from the remaster, so players don't have to fear missing out on the Zodiac Spear. (In the original game, there were certain treasure chests that were "forbidden" and opening them accidentally would ruin all chances of getting the strongest weapon in the game.)

:bulletyellow: A closed beta for the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion, "Comrades", is currently in progress. To be part of the closed beta, players needed to meet two requirements between August 3-8: 1) own a season pass, and 2) be a Playstation Plus / XBox Live Gold member. Comrades allows players to create their own kingsglaive avatar (in the full version they can alternatively choose to play as one of the four protagonists) and can complete missions with up to three other players.

:bulletyellow: Final Fantasy XV's July update reopened the Moogle Chocobo Carnival for players who missed it during its January-February run. In order to play the MCC, players must either download the free Holiday Pack DLC or own the season pass and download the Holiday Pack+ DLC. Once one is installed, players can access the MCC by selecting "Special" on the game's main menu.

The July update also added the long-awaited Magitek Exosuit attire. Described as "A special suit recovered and repurposed by Cid. Uses magitek energy to generate a barrier that wards the wearer from harm", it allows the wearer to generate an invincible barrier for as long as the suit's 'damage counter' is filled. Once depleted, the wearer is no longer invincible. The suit takes 20 real-world hours to recharge, starting from the first strike of damage absorbed. (This could be cheated by moving the game system's time forward, but it will not work if the player does this then sets the clock back to the correct time again.)

Finally, the July update added a new sidequest/hunt that can be accessed in Meldacio Hunter HQ after chapter 8. It pits the party against a new daemon named Melusine, and also introduces Cross Chain attacks into the main game, which can be used against most other bosses or large enemies. Cross Chains were originally used in Episode Duscae.


Do you like the Chocobros?

Do you like the Chocobros in crop tops?

I'm currently holding a special postcard raffle. If you're interested and would like to enter for your chance to win a free postcard featuring your favorite Chocobro in a crop top, check out the official announcement below:

2017 Postcard Giveaway! [SEE DESCRIPTION] by fairygodpiggy


As we always do, we'd like to introduce you to the newest members of our constantly growing group! Go give them a friendly "Hello!" and a big hug!


:heart:Anni (Founder)          :heart:Dreamy (Co-Founder)          :heart:Artsy (Co-Founder)

Which song would you like us to feature next month? There are over 1,000 songs to choose from! If you have a suggestion, leave a comment. We'd love to know what you want to see next month!

Previous songs featured:
"Dancing Mad" (VI), "Yuna's Dance (The Sending)" (X), "The Prelude" (I), "Ami" (VIII), "The Price Of Freedom" (VII: CC), "Kiss Me Good-Bye" (XII), "The Great Warrior" (VII), "Serah's Theme" (XIII), "Auron's Theme" (X), "Fisherman's Horizon" (VIII)
"Sudeki Da Ne" (X), "Blinded By Light" (XIII), "Zanarkand" (X), "Aerith's Theme" (VII), "Matoya's Cave" (I), "Wind Crest: The Three Trails" (X-2), "The Last Surviving Wilderness" (LR: XIII), "Answers" (XIV), "Maria and Draco" (VI), "Anxious Heart" (VII), "The Savior's Words ~Christmas in Nova Chrysalia~" (LR: XIII)
"Symphonic Poem: Hope" (XII), "Final Fantasy VII Symphony" (Final Symphony), "A Fleeting Dream" (X), "Opening Theme, Bombing Mission" (VII)
"Eyes On Me" (VIII), "Crossing Those Hills" (IX), "Shuffle or Boogie" (VIII), "Divine Love" (LR: XIII), "Final Fantasy V - Opening Theme" (V)
"Invidia" (XV), "Streets of Rabanastre" (XII), "Saber's Edge" (XIII), "Theme of Love" (IV), "Wanderlust" (XV)
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

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~"Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams."~

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