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~ # FinalFantasy-Eternal ~

~All Final Fantasy fans are welcome here, if you played all the games or just a fan of few you are more than welcomed to join.

~This is a friendly place where fans can share original artwork, writings, cosplays, etc.

~Have any questions be sure to communicate with our lovely staff, our goal is to make this a great community for Final Fantasy Fandom.

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Group Info

All Final Fantasy fans are welcome here, if you played all the games or just a fan of few you are more than welcomed to join.
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Dec 29, 2011


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357 Members
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"If you look into them looks like you can see the sky doesn't it?"
"If it's that sky I'm looking at then I'm not scared at all."

~Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII~

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~We Are Here To Answer Questions and Feedback ~







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WELCOME BACK to your monthly FinalFantasy-Eternal updates! We sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, but we're back up and running as normal, giving you all the latests updates in the world of Final Fantasy! For the month of February we're celebrating Final Fantasy love with the Final Fantasy VIII track "Eyes on Me"!

(¯`·-..· Eyes On Me ·..-·´¯)

Eyes on Me signifies the love between Julia and Laguna who, in the end, did not end up together -- but also represents the growing love between Squall and Rinoa. During the development of Final Fantasy VII, they had wanted to create a vocal theme for the ending at the last minute. This plan got pushed back due to the fact that it was so abrupt, and they hadn't planned a suitable theme in the story to warrant a vocal song at the end. And so Final Fantasy VIII got the vocal theme treatment to compliment the story's romance parallels.

How do you feel about this song? Do you like it? Did it have an effect on you? Leave a comment with your opinion on the song!

--IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Final Fantasy news from Aug-Dec 2015--

:bulletblue: "Dawn" Trailer for Final Fantasy XV showing the bond between father and son -- and collosal figures looming ominously in the background.

Watch here:

:bulletblue: SquareEnix is using the Unreal Engine, rather than the Luminous Engine, for the Final Fantasy VII remake -- the same engine used to make Kingdom Hearts 3.

:bulletblue: Final Fantasy Type-0 is currently available on Steam for $29.99 USD.

:bulletblue: Final Fantasy VII is available for iOS for $15.99 USD. Careful, though: while the game only needs 2GB of space, it requires 4GB to download. For more information, please visit the App Store in iTunes.

:bulletblue: Final Fantasy XV is no longer a part of the Fabula Nova Crytallis subseries, and therefore no longer shares the same mythos as Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. This was made official at Pax 2015.

:bulletblue: "Dawn 2.0" Trailer for Final Fantasy XV released to showcase the connection between Noctis and Luna. A demo video of Chocobo Riding and Fishing in-game was released. During an Active Time Report, it was revealed that Noctis's father, King Regis erected a magical barrier around the city for protection, but keeping the barrier going eats away at his body, causing him to age quickly. It was also revealed that Luna is an oracle who can communicate with the gods.

Watch Trailer here:

Watch Chocobo Riding and Fishing here:

:bulletblue: In continuation for the above entry, it has been revealed that the mysterious black-haired woman is named Gentiana.

:bulletblue: Final Fantasy V is currently available on Steam for $15.99 USD.

:bulletblue: Nobuo Uematsu is not going to be involved with the Final Fantasy VII remake, stating that he is more interested in working on new original works. It has not yet been confirmed who will be in charge of remastering the soundtrack.

:bulletblue: After taking a poll on whether or not moogles should be included in Final Fantasy XV, SquareEnix announced that moogles would be making a small appearance since they are being added late in the game. I mean, come on, did they expect to get away with making a new Final Fantasy WITHOUT moogles?

:bulletblue: Cloud Strife was released as a DLC character in Super Smash Bros 4

:bulletblue: Final Fantasy XV is done with pre-beta. The game is 100% playable and the first half is at finished quality in terms of graphics, music, and other elements.

:bulletblue: PSX 2015 Trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake was released showing scenes from AVALANCHE's bombing mission.

Watch here:

:bulletblue: Final Fantasy VII remake will be released in multiple parts. Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura have explained that because of the level of quality that they are remaking it with, as well as the density of the story, it would not be possible to release it as one volume. As it stands, the first part of Final Fantasy is complete. The first part will likely develop Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie further and give them more of a story than they were given in the original. Kitase and Nomura have also stated that Cloud's hallucination scenes will become more meaningful. They plan on using the same voice actors that were used in Advent Children (as they did with Crisis Core), except for Red XIII who may have a different voice actor. They have also announced a unique feature in the battle system, separate from limit breaks, that will differ based on the player's fighting style. Specific details on this matter have yet to be revealed.

:bulletblue: Lightning Returns is currently available on Steam for $19.99 USD.

:bulletblue: Lightning is promoting Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2016 collection in a ground-breaking campaign to make reality and fantasy become one.

Watch on Instagram:…


:bulletpink: Some grim news for fans of Final Fantasy XIV: the voice actress of Yugiri Mistwalker, Sian Blake was found dead along with her two sons who had been missing since December 13th. A murder investigation is underway.

:bulletpink: SquareEnix is dissolving both of its Shinra Technologies locations (New York and Tokyo) after it failed to raise the funds necessary for operation. This means a loss of over ¥2 billion ($17.1 billion USD)

:bulletpink: A page for the PC release of Final Fantasy IX is up on Steam. A specific date for release has not yet been set, but the page promises an early 2016 release.

Visit the page here:…

:bulletpink: Final Fantasy XV and World of Final Fantasy made appearances at Taipei Game Show last week (January 29th through February 2nd). While we're still awaiting detail of all that was shown, we do have information that an upcoming demo for Final Fantasy XV will be released that will feature a young Noctis. The Active Time Reports that detail the game's progress will also be coming to an end apparently. Director Hajime Tabata stated that he won't be sharing more information about the game until it's ready for release. This further supports the rumors of a 2016 release.

Some fun tidbits that were revealed about the game:


-If you don’t buy gas for Noctis’ car, you will end up pushing it.
-Dragoon, AKA Aranea Highwind, apparently has a secret identity. Is she Lunafreya? Or is she connected to Noctis somehow? Tabata won’t speak for now.
-Switching weapons and aerial combat has been made easier.
-You can steal magitek weapons, but you won’t be able to use magitek armor.
-As demonstrated in the last video, you can destroy Nilfheim’s entire base if you want to, presumably after dealing with Dragoon.


**The release date for Final Fantasy XV is to be announced during an event called Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV on March 20th at Shrine Auditorium in LA.**

:bulletpink: Final Fantasy Explorers has been released worldwide at can be purchased for the Nintendo 3DS for $39.99 USD. A Collector's Edition can be purchased for $69.99 USD.


As we always do, we'd like to introduce you to the newest members of our constantly growing group, as well as those who joined during our unexpected hiatus! Go give them a friendly "Hello!" and a big hug!


:heart:Anni (Founder)          :heart:Dreamy (Co-Founder)          :heart:Artsy (Co-Founder)

Which song would you like us to feature next month? There are over 1,000 songs to choose from! If you have a suggestion, leave a comment. We'd love to know what you want to see next month!

Previous songs featured:
"Dancing Mad", "Yuna's Dance (The Sending)", "The Prelude", "Ami", "The Price Of Freedom", "Kiss Me Good-Bye", "The Great Warrior", "Serah's Theme", "Auron's Theme", "Fisherman's Horizon", "Sudeki Da Ne", "Blinded By Light", "Zanarkand", "Aerith's Theme", "Matoya's Cave", "Wind Crest: The Three Trails", "The Last Surviving Wilderness", "Answers", "Maria and Draco", "Anxious Heart", "The Savior's Words ~Christmas in Nova Chrysalia~", "Symphonic Poem: Hope", "Final Fantasy VII Symphony", "A Fleeting Dream", "Opening Theme, Bombing Mission"
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~"Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams."~

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